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Forum Thread: EB-5 Program Provides Temporary Visas to Foreign Investors

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Posted on: 8/15/14 3:05 PM

User 8795
Joined: 8/15/2014
Posts: 9
Re: How can your plan entice foreign investment?
Hi Jordan,

I just joined just made it under the wire. Do you have a team beside yourself? Are you seeking any additions. I have a common-sense approach for enhancing the physical environment of Hartford and make it more environment friendly for your prospects to relocate here. I formed this idea over a period of time and my original inspiration was after living in Europe many many years ago.

Please let me know.. 

Posted on: 7/1/14 2:15 AM

User CBF1
Joined: 2/18/2014
Posts: 1
Hartford is a world-class city
What does Hartford do better than any other city in all 50 states? Think for a moment. Not insurance..think again. Harder. Give up? I am not surprised...because Hartford's best kept secret is hidden away in its poorer neighborhoods -- that it is the United States' capital of Caribbean cuisine. The quality is unmatched, the authenticity unparalleled. Even larger cities like New York aren't in Hartford's league. You don't believe me? Check out this piece from the L.A. Times:

We need to get some of this at the train station, and in the heart of downtown, on Main Street, and by the Connecticut Convention Center. Turn the annual Caribbean/Jerk festival into an everyday conscious party! Show all visitors just what Hartford can do and they will come back.

Where will those entrepreneur visas go? Hartford chefs and workers will be overseen by the top supervising master chef/entrepreneurs from the capitals of the Caribbean nation-states, to help improve on quality and ensure authenticity whenever possible, to make the Morcilla as good as that in Santa Domingo and the Curry Goat as good as any in Kingston.

Wayne Jebian
Posted on: 5/28/14 10:05 AM

User FE3D
Joined: 2/5/2014
Posts: 4
How can your plan entice foreign investment?

Congress established EB-5 as a program that allows foreign individuals who invest at least $500,000 in eligible projects to receive temporary visas. To qualify, their investment must create or preserve ten full-time jobs in new or existing businesses. After two years, the project has directly or indirectly created ten full-time jobs, the investors are eligible for permanent residency for themselves and their dependents. Typically, investors have no involvement with the project other than providing financing.

Using EB-5, how can your plan further entice foreign investment?

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