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Forum Thread: What is SC2?

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Posted on: 2/4/14 7:59 AM

User 86E5
Joined: 6/1/2012
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What is SC2?
  • The Strong Cities, Strong Communities Challenge is a federally developed incentive-based competition, funded through a $1M grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development (EDA) Administration.  The grant was awarded in September 2012 to three US cities:  Las Vegas, Nevada; Greensboro, North Carolina; and Hartford, Connecticut.


  • The goal of the competition is to assist cities with procuring highly innovative, creative and transformational ideas from qualified teams comprised of experts in various fields that support economic development. Teams can come from anywhere in the world to help revitalize targeted areas within each of the recipient cities. 


  • Each recipient city received from EDA $1M for the program. Hartford is allocating $900,000 as prize money to incent top professionals and teams to participate.  The remaining $100,000 is designated for marketing and administration.  The city is contributing at least $250,000 in the form of an in-kind match to provide local resources in support of administering the program and to ensure that the outcomes meet the needs of local leaders..


  • From now through September 2015, the city will host a public competition in which multidisciplinary teams are invited to develop comprehensive economic plans that will be detailed, actionable, and make Hartford the place where entrepreneurs start their businesses and then stay to grow.


  • The top ideas will be determined by a panel of judges appointed by the city. During Phase I, the top three winners will receive $10,000 for third place, $30,000 for second place, and $60,000 for first place.


  • Each of the three winners, and other selected finalists, will advance to Phase II of the competition. In the second phase, these multidisciplinary teams will expand on their original ideas for the chance to win cash rewards from a total pool of $800,000.


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